Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Life In Boxes

As I write this I’m sitting in a house filled with boxes. Cardboard boxes of all sizes that are currently being filled with what amounts to my life.

This may all seem very melodramatic, but I’m sure the coming months (and beyond) are likely to be filled with a certain amount of drama. We’re about to embark on a rather complicated move, which we’re trying to synchronize and plan with precision. Yeh right!

In our household we don’t often do plans. We more commonly operate on a kind of ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ mentality. Many a time we’ve enjoyed an outing or holiday where the kids (can barely call them that now) have exclaimed, “Wow, you did well planning that one!” At which point hubby and I exchange knowing looks indicating, “Well, actually we made it up as we went along”.

What I’m actually anticipating is an element of chaos and the likelihood that ‘plans’, such as they are, will change on a near daily basis.

We’re currently at stage one of said move – packing all the things that we can manage quite nicely without for some time into a series of boxes, duly sealed and labelled. These will then be stored so that we can enter stage two.

Of course, part of this process involves ditching the junk, which is easy for me as I’m a ‘serial sorter’ anyway. Any excuse and you’ll find me rummaging through various cupboards and drawers, throwing out unwanted items and meticulously putting the rest in order. It’s something I do when I have things on my mind that I just can’t seem to resolve – a psychologist would have a field day with me! The good thing is that now the rest of the family have the incentive to clear out all their junk too!

So on to stage two. This will mean moving all our remaining belongings into what we are calling ‘temporary accommodation number one’. Basically a brief period spent kind of indoor camping at a relative’s outbuilding, before spending the majority of the summer in our beloved static caravan.

OK. With me so far?

At the end of summer we’ll be getting ‘temporary accommodation number two’ in place and that’s when the fun begins …

More than that I won’t reveal at this time, as final arrangements have to be confirmed and we have much work to do. All I will say is that we’ll be trading a suburban lifestyle for village life, views of the house opposite for a countryside scene and busy roads and good transport links for winding lanes and an hourly bus service.

So keep watching for future posts when more will be revealed …

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  1. Exciting (or maybe stressful) times ahead! Hope everything goes smoothly for you : ) x