Saturday, 14 September 2013

Maps Vs Satnavs

In life, there are two groups of people, those who use maps and those who use Satnavs. I have to say, I fall into the ‘maps’ category.

On any journey I am assigned the roll of navigator, which I love. Hubby comments that in our car we don’t have a TomTom, we have a JoyJoy!

I simply love maps. I love planning the routes for our journeys, working out the most interesting, scenic or easiest routes. If we hit a problem when travelling, all I have to do is check the map for an alternative route and make a detour. We never get sent down dubious tracks or through places that we’d rather not go. Oh no, I certainly wouldn’t swap my map book for a Satnav any day!

Armed only with a road atlas, we have travelled over a large part of the UK and through France without getting lost, and have found some little gems of places along our chosen routes.

How ironic then that earlier this year I won a Satnav in a prize draw! Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled when my prize arrived, but then I saw how it could actually benefit me. I left the box sealed, advertised it on Amazon as ‘new and unused’, priced it a few pence lower than other sellers of new Satnavs and found a buyer within 24 hours! Just think of how many map books I could buy with the proceeds!

So despite my win of the year, you will still see me poring over my road atlas in anticipation of our next journey. After all, hubby can rely on his JoyJoy – even though unlike a Satnav I can answer back!

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