Monday, 30 September 2013

So That Was September

Well here we are, well and truly into autumn and the last month has simply flown by. After a short break away from my blog, September saw me return with a few new blog posts that are only just gaining momentum.

My summer was busy with some good fun times included, but towards the end I started to experience a little self-doubt, especially as it’s also a sad time of year for me.

September is the anniversary (three years this year) of the death of my sister who was closest in age to me , with what should have been her birthday also during this month. But on a more positive note, this September also saw the first anniversary of my blog, so I rallied and got writing again.

I also write the copy for websites, brochures and marketing promotions for several companies, and the past month has seen an increase in this kind of work for me, which has been great.

The past month has also seen me launching a bit of a campaign against Ofsted. Despite my son’s school producing well-rounded students with excellent results and good behaviour, and earning comments in its report about some ‘outstanding teaching’ and well-mannered young people, Ofsted, in its wisdom, decided to put the school into special measures.

This was like red rag to a bull for me as I’m a big supporter of the school. In one of my former careers I worked in a few different schools in my area, including some where both results and behaviour were by comparison quite poor, yet their Ofsted reports were good. One school in particular did not correct students for rude behaviour or dropping litter incessantly around the school and some lessons were a bit of a ‘free for all’. After a particular incident with a group of students, I received absolutely no support from the senior management and so decided to leave.

Subsequently I contacted Ofsted but was ignored. You can see, therefore, why I get so annoyed when there are far too many inconsistencies within reports. So now I’m questioning Ofsted further. I’ve written to my local paper, made contact with the local MP and am in the process of communicating with Michael Gove. Am I really the only person who believes it’s high time Ofsted itself came under scrutiny?

So in between writing copy for businesses, letters of complaint and a couple of short stories, I’ve actually managed to write a few blog posts too.

In October you can read how I fared on my shopping quest for leggings, learn how to claim back mis-sold PPIs without paying a fee and catch up with my latest round of 'Random Thoughts'.

Thanks as always for reading.


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