Monday, 14 October 2013

The Love Of Pyjamas

What is it about pyjamas that make us so attached to them? I have chatted to women from all walks of life – executive types, stay-at-home mums, those with sedentary jobs and those with active jobs – and time and again they all admit to love wearing their pyjamas.

For some it seems the logical end to a busy day – just put on the pyjamas, even if it is only 6.30pm! There’s something comforting about curling up on the sofa ensconced in one’s favourite jim-jams that feels reassuring, yet indulgent, at the same time.

I do admit to being rather partial to a good pair of pyjamas myself. Admittedly it seems to be more of an autumn/winter thing, with the earlier it gets dark in the evenings, the sooner it seems only right to snuggle into a favourite pair.

It’s also a bit of a Sunday morning indulgence to linger in pyjamas for longer than would normally be either practical or acceptable. Pyjamas epitomise relaxation, comfort and ‘me-time’.

So yes, I do confess to owning a fair few pairs of pyjamas, some in fact for every time of year and mood I’m in. I have pyjamas consisting of shorts and vest tops for the warmer weather, pairs with cropped trousers and t-shirt tops for the in-between weather, some with long trousers and t-shirt tops for when it’s a bit cooler and some with long trousers and long-sleeved tops for when it gets really chilly.

My favourite shop for pyjamas has, for some time, been Tesco. They do a good range of reasonably-priced pairs starting from about £7 – and I do admit, I much prefer to buy my pyjamas as a pre-determined pair as opposed to separates. I know there will be those of you who are all too ready to explain by buying separate tops and bottoms you can a) get a fit you want above and below the waistline and b) be a bit creative in your choice. But call me old-fashioned, but I buy my pyjamas in pairs.

So which shall I wear tonight? Will it be the ones emblazoned with ‘Moody Cow’ (most suited to when I’ve had a bad day), the really girlie ones with the pink hearts all over the trousers, my beloved butterfly pair, the snazzy ones with the polka dots and frills or something with a touch of tartan? Oh so much choice – so little pyjama time!

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