Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter Eggs

Is it my imagination, or are there far fewer interesting Easter eggs to choose from in the shops these days? They all seem to be displayed in bog standard rectangular boxes, with a couple of regular chocolate bars thrown in. How boring is that?

You used to be able to find chocolate eggs encased in fun boxes – trains, cartoon characters etc – irregular packaging of much more variety.

As a child I can remember receiving a milky bar train, which was much more fun than a regular box and more recyclable because I used it in games for ages after the chocolate was long gone.

Chocolate bunnies are old hat too!
It’s true to say though that as a child I received far more Easter eggs than was probably healthy, necessary and even wanted! Everyone I knew seemed to produce a chocolate egg for me with a flourish that would suggest they were the only one to think of it!

I used to take out all the eggs from their packaging, put them in a large bag and store them in the larder. From there I could just nibble one as and when I fancied. Of course in those days, packets of buttons etc were actually stowed inside the egg, which had to be broken up (often tightly sealed instead of two halves laid together) to reveal the contents. Occasionally I over-indulged and suffered – especially with Caramac! However, there were invariably bits of chocolate left that I never ate – incredible, I know!

My children have grown up only ever having one or two eggs at Easter, with people opting to give a small gift instead, or just choosing to no longer keep up the Easter tradition. Maybe the general trend is to buy fewer eggs, hence the lack of good choice.

Whatever the reason I certainly don’t feel inspired to buy many of the eggs I see, despite being a bit of a chocoholic. I’ll just stick to a bar of my favourite chocolate – large of course!

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  1. Easter eggs used to be much more interesting for sure. I used to love getting a clock with little eggs at each number. I must say though, they were much more expensive than they are now. These days you can buy them cheaper than a regular chocolate bar when they're on offer.