Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This April I’ve been …

… writing very few blog posts. My excuse? In a word, ‘life’. You know that thing that John Lennon sang “happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. It’s been one of those months, umpteen viruses circulating in the household (I’ve experienced three myself), car problems of a major nature resulting in the purchase of an ‘emergency car’ to go on a planned break, some sad news and preparations for a big life change (more about that in future posts).

… opening up my static caravan in East Anglia after its winter sleep. I always love going back to it after not being able to visit for so long, and on this occasion the break was more welcome than ever. I call it my ‘happy place’ as its somewhere I can just relax, forget about the stresses of life, enjoy the sea air and countryside and just chill.

… playing pirate adventure golf, great fun and a great stress reliever!

… discovering that lots of shops seem to have had a spring change round. Some of them I can understand doing so, as they’re in the middle of refurbishment, but others I’m sure have changed things just to be awkward! For example, my local Marks and Spencer Outlet shop has put all the men’s clothes where the women’s used to be and vice versa. What’s the point of that?

… reading the series of Lake District mysteries by Martin Edwards. The books, featuring DCI Hannah Scarlett and historian Daniel Kind, are full of twists and turns in the plots and make for gripping reading.

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