Monday, 30 June 2014

Pointlessly Random Thoughts

Following Friday's post, I'm glad to report that Debenhams Beauty Club finally rallied and managed to update my details. The organisation currently dragging their heels at acknowledging the 'Big Move' are my local (soon to be ex) council. My emails have been resolutely ignored, and an attempt at ringing them resulted in me having to negotiate half a dozen automated menus, before being put into an enormous queue to speak to a general adviser! What was the point of the menus if I'm still lumbered with waiting in the general queue? Needless to say I abandoned my mission and have decided to attack from yet a different angle.

Chocolate cake - now that's not pointless!
I've been colour matched! Now that was a pointless exercise if ever there was one. On a recent shopping trip I was persuaded by the lovely lady in Boots to be assessed for my correct foundation shade. I duly sat on her stool while she cleansed a couple of patches of my face, held her little machine to my skin and read off the result - the shade I've been buying for the last goodness how many years! What's more I was informed that sometimes you don't buy the colour the machine says, as formulas for different types of coverage vary anyway. Right, so what was the point?

I see a bit of a pointless theme emerging here, so I may as well throw another question on the 'What's the point?' theme into the mix: Why does Legoland insist on parking charges when many other theme parks, don't? You can hardly park there to do your weekly shop, so what's the point?

For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I must apologise if I currently sound ridiculously crotchety. Put it down to the stress of my 'Big Move' - at last, something that isn't pointless!

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