Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November’s Random Thoughts

Whilst contemplating the very complex decision – KitKat or Time Out – my mind strayed to memories of a Bar Six. You know, six piece chocolate covered wafer biscuit in an orange wrapper, remember those?

Why do some shoppers resolutely refuse to pass the ‘next customer’ divider whilst waiting in the supermarket queue?

I’m always looking at people and noticing the similarities to well-known faces. One of the most worrying experiences was when I got on a bus and thought how much the driver resembled David Blunkett …

I wish weather forecasters would stop telling me what the weather has been and tell me what it will be – the clue's in the word forecast!

Does anyone remember Flatsy dolls? They were small, bendy dolls which were, well, flat. I had one with long, auburn hair, called Pamela.

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