Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Whatever Happened To …

When I was a child I could tell the day of the week by the meals my mum served. Sundays always meant a roast, whilst Mondays we ate the remaining meat from the joint, either served cold with mash, peas and pickles, or if it was lamb, chopped finely and turned into a shepherd’s pie. And so the week went on …

But during the 70s all manner of convenience foods were introduced to the shops – what you couldn’t buy in a packet wasn’t worth having. Some were great and stood the test of time, others, well, you can see why they’re no longer around.

Here is a selection of the good and not so good.

Chef square shaped soups show how a good soup should be. Loved the tongue twister, can’t remember much about the taste, but do know that my mum sometimes added one of these to a casserole.

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pudding, a variation of Angel Delight/Instant Whip with added honey flavour. I actually loved this one.

Chillo, an ice cream mix to whip up at home, don’t remember it tasting much like any ice cream I knew, however.

Sweet Tops, a crème caramel style dessert mix, but in place of caramel, the toppings were fruit-flavoured – I adored the pineapple.

Rise and Shine, a packet mix to which you added water to form ‘fruit juice’. It had an ok taste, but I much prefer the cartons of juice that I buy today.

Vesta Chicken Supreme, a boil in the bag meal with rice, which in our house was an occasional Saturday treat. Other varieties were available (in fact I have spotted some in recent times) but this was our firm favourite.

Not a packet mix but – Cadbury’s Milk Tray Bar, literally (like a box of) Milk Tray in a bar. I loved the lime cordial barrel. A plain chocolate bar was also available called Plain Choice.

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