Friday, 30 November 2012

November Blog Review

With the leaves now thick on the ground and the weather turning colder and wetter, my mind this month turned to indoor activities. In the first of my ‘Winter Outing’ series I reviewed some of the attractions keeping their doors open for the winter season. Suggestions included the Horniman Museum, the Jorvik Centre, Leeds Castle and a selection of English Heritage properties. Remember to look out for the great value membership deals for English Heritage, allowing unlimited visits to their properties for a whole year. Look out too for more featured winter attractions in my December blogs.

Christmas shopping has now started in earnest and this month I explored the voucher options and ‘No Wrap Gifts’. Animal adoption schemes and magazine subscriptions may not be the first things that you think of when choosing gifts, but they certainly make a welcome change.

Of course, I have continued to review a number of products including skincare items and limited edition products such as Marmite Gold (doesn’t work for me) and Carling Zest with Spiced Orange (love it).

November also saw me take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about Chef Square Shaped Soups, Milk Tray bars, Chillo ice cream mix and the old style British Home Stores. I’d love to hear about your shopping related nostalgia, so let me know at

My big project of the month has been to attempt to spread awareness of Hypermobility Syndrome, a condition that I suffer from, that can be very painful and debilitating. It’s a much misdiagnosed, mismanaged and misunderstood condition; so do read more at

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