Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Body Creams

I always make sure that I use some form of body moisturiser on a daily basis. The main all-over product that I use is usually Dove Firming Lotion, which is light, easily absorbed and keeps my skin in good condition. However, for drier areas I apply a richer body cream.

One of my favourite body creams is Nivea Soft a light, yet deep moisturising product with a hint of the classic Nivea scent. However, I was recently tempted by Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Moisturising Body Whip, as I expected it to have a gorgeous smell. I was somewhat disappointed when I came to use it however, as the product was thinner, verging on watery, and less luxurious than I had imagined, whilst the scent was far too delicate – I could barely smell anything. This product just doesn’t work for me.

Another body product that caught my eye recently was Wilko Mango Body Butter from Wilkinson, which comes in a really eye-catching orange tub and smells absolutely gorgeous. It's rich, without being too heavy and is easily absorbed into the skin. I'd previously avoided buying body butters, believing they would be too greasy, but I actually love this one.

Which products would you recommend?

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