Monday, 29 July 2013

From Treat To High Street

It used to be that you could only buy candy floss at the seaside or at a fair, which made it a big treat and an essential part of a family outing. Watching the sticky, pink confection being wound around the sticks, in anticipation of the sweet, melt-in-the-mouth experience (and the wind blowing it into your hair) was a highlight of many an outing for me. But now it seems this is no longer a treat reserved for trips to the fairground or days out by the sea, as my local shopping centre now has a permanent stall selling candy floss and popcorn.

Fresh popcorn (as opposed to the toffee stuff in bags) also used to be somewhat of a treat that formed part of a trip to the ‘pictures’ as we once called it. Cinemas still sell boxes of popcorn in a variety of sizes, but now this can be bought at the shopping centre stalls too.

Some of you may love the fact that these sweet treats are so readily available, but I feel that somehow they have been ‘demoted’ to something as mundane as a loaf of bread.

By making former treats seem like everyday items, what do we leave for treats in their place? Maybe we all expect much more from a treat today, in a world that has become ever more materialistic, or perhaps that’s just me being cynical.

Of course, we can opt to ignore these stalls (which I do) and still reserve these treats for seaside or fairground days. My son is a big fan of candy floss, but he only ever has it on traditional seaside trips. For him it remains a treat.

What else do you think has lost its ‘treat’ status?

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