Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Refrigerated Dough Products

I remember when the Pillsbury Dough Boy was on our TV screens in the 70s extolling the virtues of his ‘home bake’ products. The Pillsbury products came in a type of can, which seemed to magically unroll to reveal the dough for the biscuits, buns or whatever you had bought.

Today, you can buy similar products still in these cans, made by Jus-Rol, a company under the General Mills umbrella, the people who bought out Pillsbury.

Spotting these products on half price offer at my local Tesco, I couldn’t resist giving them a go. I selected pizza bases (complete with tomato sauce), garlic pizza bread and croissants.

The pizza bases turned out to be an excellent buy. Each kit contains two quite large pizza bases with a jar of tomato sauce to spread on top. The slight snag is that you have to unroll the two bases which are joined to each other (there is a slight perforation), and you have to be careful not to let the bases stretch too much when doing this otherwise they can become too thin and holes can emerge. You can then top with whatever takes your fancy (I recommend Sainsburys Basics Grated Mozzarella at £1.15 per bag) and bake. The bases are light and crispy and represent really good value even at the full price of £2.65.

The garlic bread was delicious too. I liked the fact that it didn’t have a hard crust, but was soft and tasty. Just unroll the dough, spread with the garlic butter, separate into portions and bake.

The croissants proved to be the most disappointing of the products, as they rose very little and the taste was nowhere near as good as others I've tried. They can make a handy standby, but don't expect too much of the croissants.

These products are a great way to cheat at home baking!

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