Monday, 8 July 2013

Online Shopping Vs Stores

I’ve previously written about the downsides of online shopping, but what I’d now like to know is why some stores appear to be suggesting shoppers abandon their shopping trips and go online instead?

Although I’ve made a few clothing purchases online, I do prefer to actually view the garments in store. I like to be able to see, touch and try on clothes, so that I can judge whether they look, feel and fit to my liking, instead of trusting a picture and short written description.

However, on a recent rip to Matalan, the cashier started to extol the virtues of their website and positively encouraged me to shop online, comments backed up by producing a money-off voucher for my next online purchase. Apparently, if I order clothing to be picked up at my local store (half an hour away from my home), I don’t have to pay postage (though this is cheaper than the bus fare to the store anyway).  But hold on, if I’m going to the store, why don’t I just buy the garments there to start with. OK, so my size may not be in stock, but then how do I know what is my size if I can’t try it on? Clothing sizes vary so much (another of my past gripes), my wardrobe contains three different sizes.

So do stores no longer want to get customers through their doors? Or would retailers prefer not to have to deal with the public and have us all shopping from home instead?

Online shopping certainly has its place. It’s great for those who don’t have the time, opportunity or sufficient mobility to go to the shops, or for making a mundane purchase that is more straightforward in the comfort of our own homes.

But shopping is not just about the end results; it’s about the experience too. The browsing, the touching, the trying, the sharing with others – the whole outing! So please retailers, allow us to continue enjoying the shopping experience!

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