Monday, 5 August 2013

Milestone Birthdays

Later this month I will be celebrating one of those so-called ‘milestone birthdays’. You know, one of those ones that ends with a ‘0’, the first number being the age you feel you were not that many years ago.

Is it really that long since my mother took me off on my first day at infants’ school? I was actually eager to go and made a beeline for a little wooden doll’s house that was set up on one of the classroom tables. There I sat, so engrossed in my little world, that I didn’t even see my mum leave, although I do remember being disturbed by a girl sitting on the top of the table behind, bawling her eyes out. I recall turning round and glaring at her, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Anyway I digress. Milestone birthdays. They’re the ones that the card shops stock a multitude of banners, badges, balloons and mugs for. People hold huge parties to celebrate these special days – well some do, but not me.

When it comes to my birthday I like to do something quiet, you know keep it low key. For my last milestone birthday, we (myself, my hubby and my three children – yes there were still all children then) stayed in a little farmhouse in West Wales, miles from other civilisation. My actual ‘big day’ was spent on a quiet little beach, whilst I passed the evening sipping gin & tonic overlooking an expanse of green fields – aaah bliss!

Milestone birthdays do seem to make you pause and take stock, however. Even if you’re not actually ticking off a ‘Twenty Things Before I’m –ty” list, you may still consider what you’ve achieved since that last magic milestone.

With the years clocking up, I really have started looking back and considering all that I have done and achieved, and I’m pleased to say I’m quite happy with my lot.

When I was a child some of my favourite things to do were to dress up in my little nurses’ uniform and administer to my dolls, play schools and write stories. Since then I’ve trained and worked as a Staff Nurse, changed careers and supported GCSE and ‘A’ Level visually impaired students in schools (learning Braille in the process) and am now writing in various forms. In addition to writing my blog, I write for several companies, composing slogans and copy for their websites and brochures and am also penning a few short stories and a book. Childhood dreams are being accomplished then!

I’m also proud of my three children and have recently been blessed with my first grandson.

Although I’m not thrilled to be the age that I am, I’m certainly happy, on the whole, with the way that my life has gone. Here’s to the next 50 years! Whoops that’s let the cat out of the bag!

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