Wednesday, 14 August 2013

This August I’m Loving …

Do Me No Harm by Julie Corbin, a gripping psychological thriller that made me want to keep reading to reach the end, despite worrying how the tale may actually turn out. A must-read book!

Peaches Peach Schnapps from Iceland, a budget version of Archers, which tastes just as good and costs just £5.50 a bottle. Delicious with lemonade and ice for a long, cool drink.

Tesco Strawberry Milkshake Mix, which has a lovely flavour – preferable to Nesquik to my mind. A great way to encourage children (and adults) to drink their milk.

Saga Magazine Puzzles, a monthly puzzle magazine with a great variety of puzzles including Sudoku, logic problems, Hanjie, mosaic, quizwords and codebreaker puzzles. Great for giving your brain a good workout.

Tesco Wake Up Mexican Lime Shower Creme for just £1, a lovely scent, a pleasure to use.

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