Monday, 12 August 2013

Tales Of A ‘Set Down Point’

At my local Tesco Extra there is an area named the ‘Set Down Point’, which consists of two bays each designed to accommodate two vehicles, for the purpose of setting down (and indeed picking up) shoppers.

However, I often see this area being used for all kinds of purposes, for which I’m sure it was never intended. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit there for hours on end watching the comings and goings, but I regularly meet my husband there following a shopping trip. Invariably I’m ready some time before he actually arrives, so I can’t help but see what’s going on.

I’m really exasperated by some of the activities that I see, and have decided to compile a list of things that I recommend you avoid doing at the ‘Set Down Point’, based on real events that I’ve witnessed. Take heed, if you live in the Medway area, this could be aimed at you!

  1. Do not park your vehicle in the middle of a bay, turning it from a space for two vehicles to an area for only one. Strangely it’s always the people with the smallest cars that do this, preventing others from being able to pause in the bay.
  2. Do not use this area to park your car whilst you perform a full ‘trolley’ shop. There are usually plenty of other parking spaces available and they are all free of charge.
  3. Do not park here to have a picnic. Yes, I’ve actually seen this happen. What appeared to be a father and son emerged from Tesco with a full carrier bag of food, which they then proceeded to eat on the spot – in their twee little camper van with net curtains! Surely there are better places to have a picnic.
  4. Do not use this area as a venue for a social event. I’ve actually seen people park here, greet friends, linger long enough to have major conversations and ‘catch up’ sessions, pausing to use the toilets along the way, and even using this area to ‘swap’ children that they have picked up from school!
  5. Do not settle down (it’s set down not settle) and read a book. Contrary to what you may think, this is not a reading area.
  6. Do not set down passengers – oh hold on! You can do that, I got carried away!

Have not actually seen one of these parked there though!
I certainly see a lot of life when waiting at the Set Down Point, In fact, I’m thinking of turning the shenanigans into a script for a TV soap. I’m sure ‘Setdowners’ could prove a big hit!

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  1. Do not park your motorbike there and lean up against the post having a fag.

    Do not tie your large German Shepardish dog to the post, which then lies in the space, growling and refusing to move.

    Do not unpack all of your shopping from your trolley into separate compartment thingies in your boot, taking masses of time and preventing others from using it.

    Do not park there and go and use the cash machine.

    I could continue - our Tesco cafe is next to the set down point, and the child and I have observed many things through the windows!

    I found you through #Mondayblogs (@Madyline)