Friday, 21 February 2014

February’s Random Thoughts

We expect major companies to get everything right in their marketing campaigns, including spelling. I was rather shocked, therefore, to receive a promotional, all singing, all dancing email from Debenhams announcing an offer on “beauty and frangrance”! Really Debenhams, I suggest you learn your spellings for next week and see me.

It’s great that these days, announcements are frequently made on board trains, rather than passengers having to hang out of windows at stations to try and catch an almost unintelligible announcement. But some of the current announcements can be rather bemusing, For example, “You are on carriage twelve of eight” – work that one out!

However, like with anything these announcements can sometimes develop faults. Whilst travelling on a train where some problem was preventing the recorded announcements from being broadcast, the guard had to take over. He obviously was not at all familiar with what he should be doing, or even where he was, as he announced, “We will shortly be arriving at another station – somewhere.” That was clear then!

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