Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Low Tech Cookery

Following my post on Monday where I told the nostalgic tale of my trusty, old Stork Cookbook, it got me thinking just what kind of a cook am I?

Looking round my kitchen, you won’t find a lot of the fancy gadgets that you see on offer in the shops these days. Some people seem to possess some piece of fancy equipment for every food preparation task known to man!

When I did my cookery ‘O’ level at school, I was taught the traditional methods for baking. For ages we toiled at creaming butter and sugar with a wooden spoon, gently folding in the flour with a metal one. Once we’d mastered the technique, we were finally allowed the treat of using an electric food mixer to save time! Indeed the aforementioned trusty Stork Cookbook introduced us to the ‘all-in-one’ method, whizzed up using one of those precious mixers.

For years I made cakes at home using only a wooden spoon, until finally deciding to ‘invest’ in an electric food mixer. I say this tongue-in-cheek, as I only purchased a Tesco Value model for £5, which is still going strong years later.

Even now, said mixer is one of the most high-tech pieces of kitchen equipment that I own! Well, that and a basic blender. Not for me the super-whizzy food processors, juicers, grinders etc. Many items of kitchen equipment, in my opinion, just collect dust and are tricky to clean, so I’m sticking with the basics!

Are you a low-tech or high-tech cook?

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