Friday, 7 March 2014

DS Game Review: Salem Secrets

One of the most recent DS games that I have played has been Salem Secrets, a hidden object game featuring additional puzzles and minigames, surrounding the suspicions of witchcraft in Salem in 1692.

I enjoyed this game from the start, the level of difficulty of the hidden objects scenes was just about right. Items could be realistically found, without it being too frustrating, or all of them being obvious. Some of the objects that you find are kept for future use, you just have to determine where and how to use the items, with some being more apparent than others.

There were some great puzzles throughout the game too, although a few instructions for some of these would have been nice. Although I mostly managed to work out what was required, in a couple of cases it was trial and error, before the penny finally dropped. One particular puzzle I never did quite get the hang of, but it is possible to skip puzzles that you can’t complete. Personally, however, I would have preferred some guidance or the chance to see a solution, rather than just pass a puzzle by.

I really enjoyed this game, which had enough of a story, without all the time being taken up telling it, but my main criticism of the game is that it was actually too short with a very abrupt ending. Having found all the missing girls in the story, its main aim, I thought I would then have to battle the witchcraft element a bit more. But no. One minute I thought I was entering a whole new part of the game, the next the credits were rolling.

Verdict: great game, shame about the length.

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