Monday, 24 March 2014

Goody Bags

I love to get a goody bag! You know, the type you receive when you buy a couple of make-up products – a freebie promotion. It may literally be a bag, possibly more of a box, but either way I love to delve inside and discover the contents.

My love of goody bags dates back to my childhood, when I loved the treat of a ‘Jamboree Bag”. Unlike the ‘Lucky Bags’ of today (in-your-face shiny plastic), these were made of paper in plain colours (green, blue, pink) and cost just a few pennies. Inside there were usually a couple of toffees, some cashews, some form of moulded plastic curio (think false moustache) and maybe some transfers or a picture card. It wasn’t what was in them that really mattered – it was the thrill of what could be inside.

For my childhood birthday parties my older sister would make party bags that resembled small carrier bags, made from colourful wrapping paper. A few goodies were put in each. This was during the 60s before party bags became the norm, so I was quite proud to hand them out at the end of my party, as opposed to the usual piece of cake wrapped in a serviette.

Anyway, back to the present. Boots No7 is currently offering a free box of tricks (well, cosmetics obviously) when you buy two or more products from their make-up range. You can even combine this offer with the £3 off cosmetics voucher currently in circulation, making it an even better deal.

Of course, many make-up and skincare ranges, from budget to luxury brands, offer goody bag deals from time to time, so timing purchases to coincide with these deals is a useful plan.

But the ultimate in goody bags has to be those given to celebs when attending award ceremonies. Filled with luxury goods and surprises, they certainly give me ‘goody-bag-envy’! So if any of you lovely celebs have an odd goody bag knocking around that you really don’t want, I will gladly take it off your hands.

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