Monday, 31 March 2014

This March I’ve …

… seen the Lego Movie, which was essential as my son is absolutely mad about all things Lego. It was actually really quite fun, although I thought the appearance of ‘real people’ towards the end spoilt the atmosphere somewhat. And for days afterwards I went round singing, “Everything is awesome!” – an annoyingly catchy tune!

… been drinking Lemsip Max Wild Berry and Orange cold relief drink, having succumbed to a bout of the sniffles. I’ve always found the lemon version too acidic; this is more like drinking mulled wine – although of course without the wine.

… started the spring-cleaning. Like many people I’m not a fan of all the scrubbing and deep cleaning, but I love a good sort out. In fact any time of year I will happily dejunk cupboards and drawers and rearrange things into neat boxes – I find it very therapeutic. I’m definitely not a hoarder.

... been doing lots of present shopping. In addition to Mothers' Day and Easter, there are a lot of family birthdays to buy for this time of year, but I love trying to find novel gifts.

… discovered the books by Elly Griffiths, a series of crime mysteries set in Norfolk featuring DCI Harry Nelson and forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway. There are some gripping story lines that take many twists and turns, making compelling reading.

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