Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Snacks To Savour

Following my post about the sweets I used to enjoy earlier in the week, it got me thinking about my other big weakness (one that I still confess to today), crisps. Well, savoury snacks of various kinds really.

In my younger days my favourite flavour of crisps was Savoury Vinegar. This flavour was made by Smiths and their Chipsticks were available in it too. The taste was quite strong and tangy without being salty. Sadly this flavour just doesn’t exist any more, but I really wish it would be revived.

If I was good, I'd swap the naughtier snacks for fruit!
Other favourite flavours included pickled onion, cheddar cheese and tomato ketchup, the latter recently making an appearance back in the shops courtesy of a Golden Wonder revival.

Although some of the other savoury snacks that I used to enjoy have also become obsolete, such as Wigwams (cheesy triangles) and Chipitos (rather like a Wotsit) others are still available today. I still enjoy Quavers, which only contain 88 calories (pack from a multipack) and I quite like the newer addition to our supermarket shelves – Walkers Hoops and Crosses. I don’t feel too naughty eating these either as they contain just 85 calories a bag.

I definitely prefer a nice bag of crisps or potato snacks to a bag of sweets these days. What is your guilty pleasure?

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