Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How Rude!

I’m not against Market Researchers in High Streets (consumers should have their say) or even the odd canvasser to an extent (business needs to be promoted), but what I really object to is when said researcher/canvasser can see I’m heavily involved in conversation with a companion, yet push their way in verbally or physically to ask an inane question.

There I am, strolling down the street with a friend, in full flow, when suddenly a figure appears blocking our way, even placing themselves between us, or leaning in almost nose-to-nose, spitting, “Have you considered changing your electricity supplier?”

My response is normally to stop in my tracks (what else can I do when faced with a human barricade?) and say firmly, “It’s very rude to interrupt.” Some of the more reasonable individuals mumble an apology and leave me to go on my way, but there are those who make really inappropriate comments either to my face, or my departing rear (an easy target the size it’s getting).

So please, canvassers and market researchers everywhere, only approach your prey, sorry your candidate for attention if:
a)    They are walking alone or at least clearly not speaking to their companion.
b)    Walking at a somewhat leisurely pace (rushing tends to mean they need to be somewhere and can’t stop).
c)    Are actually trying to catch your eye, in the hope of being approached (me when sampling chocolate is involved).

Note About Dealing with Doorstep Callers: When asked if you are the homeowner, say you are a tenant even if that’s not true. They retreat like a shot, as there’s obviously no business to be had.

Alternatively, display this verse:

All canvassers and salespersons,
Kindly DO NOT ring this bell,
I do not require your advice
Or what you have to sell.
You would be wasting my time
And certainly wasting yours,
So please kindly go away
And knock on other people’s doors!

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