Thursday, 20 September 2012

Parking Charge Scandal

Parking charges vary drastically between car parks, venues and areas of the country, ranging from the reasonable (60p an hour at my local shopping centre) to the ridiculous (£25 a session) with every imaginable variant in between.

Of course, the more popular an area, shopping centre or attraction, the higher the charge often gets. However I was left completely speechless (well, for 3 seconds at least) when I arrived at the O2 for Alan Carr’s Spexy Beast tour last autumn. I stood dumbfounded amidst a gaggle of Alan’s fans, all similarly gobsmacked, staring in disbelief at the sign displaying a parking charge of £25!

I suppose the aim may be to discourage patrons from arriving by car, which is fine if you:
a) live on a direct public transport route to the O2,
b) can travel via said transport in a time, which is at least similar to, rather than, three times the length of the journey by car,
c) can be bothered.

Sadly none of the above applied to us, but it was a great show Alan, and the O2 is a fantastic venue – it’s just a shame about the parking fee!

Am soon to launch website, where you will be able to email your comments to me about this and other issues I've raised, as well let me know of some of your own. Watch this space!

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