Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DS Games: Cate West Vanishing Files

It’s been some since I last reviewed a DS game, but today I’m looking at one that I’ve played and replayed several times over – Cate West Vanishing Files.

Cate is a writer who has ‘visions’ that help her to solve a series of crimes occurring in the city of Arcadia.

As with so many of these games, hidden object levels features heavily, but with this game the graphics are good with many of the objects cleverly, though not impossibly, hidden.

Other levels in the game include spot the difference, a ‘replace the objects’ level that is a bit like spot the difference, but you replace the missing objects in one of the pictures, and a game that involves eliminating possible suspects using given clues. The worrying thing about that level is that one of the suspects looks alarmingly like Jimmy Carr, which was a bit unsettling.

I do enjoy playing this game, as it’s a bit more challenging than some, with a bit of variety too. I really recommend giving this game a go.

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