Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Budget Brands: Daisy Household Products

In an attempt to reduce our shopping bills, many of us are swapping some of our ‘big brand’ products for supermarket own versions or budget brands.

I’ve made quite a few of these swaps in recent months, with one of my latest discoveries being the Daisy brand available at Tesco.

The first product that I tried from this range was the ironing water. Ok this item in itself may seem an extravagance, but I find the waft of scented steam makes the ironing process a bit more bearable. I have tried Comfort Vaporesse, but at £1.40 this is becoming a bit pricey, so too is Tesco own label, which has fluctuated between 80p and £1.20 at various times, though is currently selling at 90p. Costing just 79p*, Daisy Lilac Blossom ironing water has a lovely fragrance, and is just as good as the dearer brands.

Something I always begrudge spending money on is bin bags. For the smaller bins in our house, we use recycled carrier bags (when we get them, though we often reuse bags), but for the larger swing bin and refuse sacks, I need to purchase bags without paying too much. Daisy 50L tie handle swing bin bags cost just £1.11 for 25, and do the job just as well as more expensive versions. The 70L tie top refuse sacks also represent great value at £1.49 for 20.

I’m certainly planning to buy more of the products in the range, including washing up 500ml for just 59p and 1L bottles of fabric softener for 99p.

Have you tried the Daisy range?

*When I bought the ironing water prior to writing this blog, I paid 79p, but I have now seen it on the shelves for the higher price of 89p! It seems that prices change with the weather these days.

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