Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Second Class Service

I only ever buy second class stamps and have always preferred to buy them in books of six. However, on a recent visit to the shops, everywhere that I requested a book of ‘six second class stamps’, I was told that they now only sold them in books of twelve.

I found this extremely annoying as I really only wanted a maximum of six. One assistant did tell me I could have a book of six – if I bought first class, but I use second class post on principle.

Many a time I have posted a card or letter sporting a second class stamp for it to arrive at its destination the next day, so by using first class post I would have paid extra for nothing! OK other times it takes two or three days, but I just ensure that I post letters in good time to save expense. After all, second class stamps cost 50p each and first class cost 60p, with the difference between the two amounting to quite a bit over time.

Of course, I can remember the time when a postage stamp cost about 2p, and when stamps were first introduced they cost just one old penny. But at least we no longer have to pay for the letters that we receive, which is how the system operated in its early days. Imagine having to pay to receive the bills and junk mail that you are sent! Although you could actually refuse to receive your post rather than pay the fee.

It just appears that now I will either have to relent and buy a book of twelve second class stamps in one go, or join the mammoth queue at the Post Office to obtain any number that I choose to name. Either way, what I refuse to do is send my letters first class!

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