Thursday, 20 June 2013

June’s Random Thoughts

Can anyone explain to me why when searching for Daisy Ironing Water at, the search results showed a selection of 24 seemingly random items ranging from Farley’s Rusks to Jack Daniels Whisky?

Where have all the swings gone? Many children’s playgrounds have had the swings (with the exception of the baby ones) removed, whilst new play areas do not include them in the first place. I know that swings remain popular, as whenever I take my son to a park where they still exist, there is always a queue for them. So what’s the logic? Is it a question of ‘health and safety gone mad’? We used to use swings without limiters on concrete bases, at least now there are safety surfaces and swings seem to be made to only reach a certain height.

I’ve spotted Tango (of the orange fizzy drink fame) shower gel in the shops, but have refrained from trying it as I worry it will turn me orange, like the odd little man that used to pop up on the soft drink ads.

Impossible instruction at my local Tesco, written on the box for the plastic bags at the greengrocery section: ‘Please select one at a time’. Have you actually tried doing that? You're lucky if you end up with a minimum of three in any one go!

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  1. Health and safety police, I think. Best to find an old tyre and bit of rope, head for the forest - deep in the forest where they can't find you.