Monday, 3 June 2013

This June Why Not…?

Treat Dad to a train trip. With Fathers’ Day in the UK on 16th June this year, there are various events taking place up and down the country aimed at treating your dad to a day out. Many steam railways are offering special events and tickets for Fathers’ Day, including the Watercress Line (Hampshire) and the Bluebell Railway (Sussex). The Kent and East Sussex Railway are offering a return train ride for dads, including a ploughman’s lunch or cream tea, a bottle of the railway’s special beer, Dad’s Delight, and a packet of man-sized chocolate buttons.

Prepare your feet for strappy sandals. With temperatures rising (I’m ever the optimist), now’s the time to ensure that your feet will pass scrutiny when sporting a pair of strappy sandals. Trim toenails (cutting straight across to prevent ingrowth), and then treat skin with a creamy, effective moisturiser such as Nivea Soft, applying a more heavy-duty cream such as Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream to drier patches. Finish off with a striking nail polish such as Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Deep Coral.

Add avocado to your salad. I get really fed up with what passes as salad in many cafés and restaurants – a token slice or two of cucumber and tomato with masses of droopy leaf. Whilst I enjoy some nice, crisp lettuce, limp leaves just don’t work for me. And where’s the imagination? Salad should include other ingredients, such as grated carrot, sliced beetroot, chopped spring onions, diced peppers etc. As a child, when we were served salad as part of our school dinner, it sometimes contained segments of orange and a few peanuts, or slices of apple and some raisins. Today I really enjoy some sliced avocado as part of a salad. Avocadoes are high in protein, boost our HDL (good cholesterol) levels and are said to have anti-inflammatory properties, making them healthy as well as tasty.

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