Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Meals Made Easy

With the weather getting colder, we start to fancy warm, filling meals and comfort foods. Casseroles, stews, roasts and hot puddings beckon, but can be fiddly to prepare. So here are a few ways to make short cuts with the food preparation, without losing out on taste or nutrition.

No-Peel Veg
Frozen vegetables offer great nutrition, with the vegetables retaining their vitamins and nutritional value due to the methods involved. Sainsbury’s Stewing Vegetables (1.49 for 1kg)) are a great addition to any stew or casserole, with no preparation needed. Buy two bags of selected sliced Sainsbury frozen veg, (stewing veg included in offer) for £2.50.

Easy Potato Products
Peeling and chopping potatoes can be another tedium, so once in a while let the work be done for you. Try Tesco Spicy Potato Wedges, 59p for 750g, to add interest to your meal, or if you prefer something plainer try Sainsbury’s Jacket Wedges £1 for 1kg. Also from Sainsbury and a tasty addition to any meal, are Crispy Potatoes (a sort of cross between a chip and a mini roast potato), £1 for 750g, and both these Sainsbury products are included in the 2 for £1.80 chip and potato deal.

Time-Saving Tins
A few handy tinned ingredients are great to keep in your cupboard, whether it be as a standby or to speed up preparation of the odd meal. Try:
Tesco Red Kidney Beans in Water (no added salt or sugar) 49p for 210g, great for chillis, casseroles and soups.
Tesco Green Lentils in Water 65p for 410g, good filler for soups and stews and a great basis for a veggie chilli.
Hartley’s Fruit Pie Filling, £1.09, is great for popping in pies and crumbles, or use the apple variety to make Eve’s pudding. My favourite though is the Black Cherry. Mmmm!

What time-saving products do you use? Email  comments@shoppersjoy.co.uk

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