Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Blog Review

This month’s blog postings have ranged from complaining to saying ‘thank you’, misleading price labelling to using the NHS, with Christmas gifts and Half Term Holiday ideas added for good measure. I even had the opportunity to feature apologies from Sainsbury’s and Greggs regarding poor service complaints.
However, there is a bit of an addition to the Greggs saga. I was pleased to receive three ‘free lunch’ (and I thought there was no such thing) vouchers from the company by way of an apology. I was a little disturbed, however, to see them presented in a laminated card folder, obviously produced en masse, containing the words ‘We’re sorry that we didn’t come up to standard.’ Does Greggs make a habit of poor service then?

The rising charges of the Dartford Crossing also featured this month, and we duly invested in our Dart Tag to cut the cost (£1.33 per crossing as opposed to £2). My husband is overjoyed, not only does he save money, but also he doesn’t have to open the car window to pay in the wind and the rain!

Amongst reviewed and recommended products this month, I looked at beauty buys, cleaning products, hair care items and budget wine.

On the subject of wine, I happened to be shopping in Tesco on the day that particular blog was posted. I picked up a bottle of their Australian Red, £3.84, which I enjoy and had recommended, when a fellow shopper with a pronounced Australian accent asked, “Is that any good?” I proceeded to relate to him the casserole saga as told in my blog ‘Don’t be a Wine Snob”. So there you have it, Tesco Australian Red – as recommended to Australians!

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