Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Don’t be a Wine Snob

I enjoy a glass of wine with a meal, as many of us do, but have discovered that you don’t have to blow the budget buying top label wines at top prices to get something worth drinking. Here are a few of the wines that I’ve discovered to help you to enjoy the odd glass on a low budget.

Tesco Australian Red Wine, £3.84. I originally bought this as a cooking wine, but tried a glass and really enjoyed it. It’s now a close call as to whether it’s me who gets the last drop, or the casserole.
Tesco Simply Zinfandel, £4.49. If you enjoy a smooth, fruity rosé, then this is for you. A great accompaniment to almost any meal, it’s a good all-rounder.
Sainsbury’s House Sweet White Wine, £3.89. If you’re a lover of sweet wine this is a great option, not over-sweet like a dessert wine, but fruity and refreshing. If you prefer your white wine in a dry (£3.99) or medium (£3.89) option, these are also available.

Remember!  These cheaper label wines are often found on the bottom shelf of the wine display as you are guided to buy the more expensive ones at eye level.

Though not a wine, I would really recommend Jeeves, a less expensive alternative to Pimms, £6 at Tesco. Serve with lemonade and slices of orange, lemon, lime and cucumber to rediscover summer in a glass, even on a chilly day – very refreshing.

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