Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sainsbury’s and Greggs – The Responses

Thank you to both Sainsbury’s (poor service) and Greggs (managers good and bad) who have now replied to my comments regarding poor service when I visited their stores. There have been some encouraging comments, which I’d now like to share with you.

It only took one letter to Sainsbury’s to receive a reply, which was encouraging, Their letter agreed that the service I’d experienced was not up to standard, stating, “We want our customers to enjoy their visit to our stores and restaurants and it’s disappointing that this wasn’t your experience on this occasion.” Specifically referring to the haphazard way our meal was served Sainsbury’s Customer Manager declared, “All meals should be served together, be neatly presented and of the highest quality.”

The letter ends with the reassurance that the feedback will continue to be monitored and that, “Feedback helps us to improve our products and services.”

Greggs weren’t quite as quick off the mark to respond, but did speak to me in on the telephone this week. One letter, two emails and over a month after the event, an obliging Area Manager rang with an apology and a promise to look into the matter further. He admitted that Greggs’ ‘without butter policy’ is confusing, saying technically butter is not included with a roll (charged at 15p per tiny pack), but they may like to rethink this one, as other cafés and restaurants where I have made a similar purchase include one pack in the price – you only pay extra for additional ones.

However, I was assured that my experience was not one of which they were proud, and they hoped I would not be deterred from visiting Greggs in the future. Meanwhile, the matter is being looked into further, to establish why I had received such more service and what could be done to improve it.

Remember: As customers we need to point out when products are service standards are poor, this way we can hopefully get them improved.

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