Thursday, 18 October 2012

October’s Random Thoughts

I’d like to start a campaign to bring back Spangles. I particularly used to love the Old English and Fizzy Cola flavours. Who else was a Spangles fan?

I’m really quite perturbed that one of my local branches of Superdrug is now selling alcohol – well I suppose you can at least shop for hangover remedies and dark circle concealer in the same place!

Why in this electronic age does it take so long to clear a cheque?

Do businesses such as credit card companies and insurance firms have shares in shredding machines? The amount of time my name and address appear on any one mailing of theirs, I think they must somehow. No way their 'junk' mail can go directly to the recycle bin.

I wish people wouldn’t text me using capital letters – I feel like I’m being shouted at.

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