Thursday, 13 December 2012

Just Desserts

When I was young ‘puddings’ were a big part of the main meal, whether at home or with school dinners. At school I hated the lumpy banana custard and unpalatable ‘frog spawn’ tapioca, but loved the semolina with strawberry jam (buy Whitworths semolina 98p for 500g) and the gypsy tart served with half an apple. I still love the occasional gypsy tart today and sometimes buy Mr Crustie Kentish Gypsy Tarts, £1.40 for two (individual) available at Morrisons and Asda.

At home we were often served home-made apple pies, crumbles, fruit sponges or rice pudding, or perhaps shop-bought sponge puddings boiled in the tin (you can still buy Heinz tinned sponge puddings in varieties including jam and sticky toffee, £1.29) or packet desserts such as Angel Delight (still available in five flavours for 49p a sachet, or buy Tesco’s own at 35p).

These days we often finish our meals with just a piece of fruit, a little ice cream, a yogurt or an individual pot dessert. I really enjoy Aero chocolate mousse, which tastes indulgent, but is only 97 calories per pot.

However, now and again we treat ourselves to a richer dessert or more satisfying pudding. When it’s a warming pudding that we fancy, we opt for Tesco (frozen) Apple Crumble, at just £1 it’s really delicious whilst being great value. Or for a cold dessert we choose Tesco Everyday Value Strawberry Trifle, 450g for £1, which tastes just as good as more expensive brands.

What are your favourite desserts?

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