Friday, 21 December 2012

Loyalty Cards – End Of Year Update

Back in September I gave you the lowdown on loyalty cards along with my ratings, and I am now pleased to report that some stores have upped their game slightly.

Tesco Clubcard actually came top in my original ratings and have continued to deliver a wealth of vouchers, including several for free items – shandy, tissues, chocolate cake, Quality Street and a magazine of my choice. I’ve also continued to receive vouchers giving money off products that I actually buy on a regular basis. Add to the mix the continuing excellent exchange rate of points (four times their value if redeemed for days out) then Tesco Clubcard remains, for me, the clear winner.

Sainsburys have faired a little better than before with their Nectar Points, by issuing some much more useful vouchers of late. Previously I had found many of the vouchers totally useless in my case, but have recently been given some lovely extra points and money-off vouchers. I can only hope this was not just a Christmas promotion and will continue well into the New Year.

Iceland Bonus Card had given me very little in a long time, but there again the frequency and usefulness of their vouchers has increased, at last making me feel it is worth having their card.

Both Superdrug Beauty Card and Boots Advantage Card have been giving lots of extra points opportunities this side of Christmas, but as with all the cards, I do wonder whether the increased benefits will disappear along with the Christmas decorations.

Finally, I have been issued with a new Matalan Black Rewards Card (replacing my Matalan ‘where’s the snappy name?’ Card that I’d had all of two minutes). As a member I was invited to a special ‘members’ evening” (couldn’t attend) and given an extra pre-Christmas discount. Time will tell how many new ongoing benefits I’ll receive.

Whichever cards you use, however, the point is something is always better than nothing. To quote the store with my top-rated card, “Every little helps”.

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