Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Review

What a memorable year it has been!

In June communities came together to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – street parties, concerts and copious amounts of bunting swept the nation.

In August, we wowed the world with the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Our athletes shone, as did the army of volunteers who cheerfully threw themselves into the proceedings.

Then in September … Shoppers’ Joy was launched! OK, it may not have been on a par with some of the other events of the year, but it has steadily grown in readership and I simply loving writing my blog posts and website features.

I have always had an eye for a bargain, an attraction to offers and a love of shopping, often regaling my long-suffering husband with tales of what I’ve found and how much I’ve saved. It was on his suggestion that I started my blog, as one of my other great loves is writing (or maybe he just hoped that his ears would get a rest). Hubby kindly set up my blog and website (he does that kind of thing for a living) and Shoppers’ Joy was born.

Since then I have posted blogs featuring best buys, product and service reviews, recommendations of places to visit, consumer issues and some fun 'Random Thoughts'.

Some of my most popular blogs have included ‘Loyalty Cards – My Ratings’ (September), ‘Static Caravans Can Move (September), ‘How To Get The Most Out Of The NHS (October), the Winter Outings Series (November/December) and my Christmas related posts (December). I have also explored saying ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ as well as ‘making a complaint’ and reviewed some responses to bad service complaints that I had made.

As a sufferer of Hypermobility Syndrome, I ran an introduction to the condition on my blog, but have written an article, which you can read at

So please take the time to read some of the posts that you may have missed. You can also read my ‘Cheers and Sneers’ (updated regularly), tips and features at

There are plenty more blog posts to come in 2013 – so keep reading!

Thank you and a Happy New Year!

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