Friday, 22 February 2013

DS Games – The Last Window & Phoenix Wright

For the latest in my DS reviews I’m looking at two games that combine searching for items with interviewing characters,

The Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
In this game you play as Kyle Hyde, ex-cop turned salesman, trying to unravel mysteries from the past, connected to the apartment block (formerly Hotel Cape West) where he now lives. In the very early stages of this game I got a little bored, as the conversations seemed a bit slow and the tasks few and far between. However, once the characters and storyline had been established, the game became more enjoyable. In addition to finding and using objects and selecting questions to ask fellow residents, you get to play an ‘arcade-style’ game, a bar game, draw a portrait and solve puzzles. As you complete each chapter of the story, you can read a detailed version in the ‘book’ section of the game. I actually really loved this game in the end and am off to find a copy of Hotel Dusk, the forerunner of The Last Window.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
The idea of this game is to collect evidence and question suspects and witnesses, then produce the evidence and further question characters in court. The concept of this game is really good, as it takes thoughtful consideration to produce the correct items and choose the right questions at the appropriate time. Some characters totally ‘lock up’ when quizzed and you have to endeavour to break open their defences. However, what really annoyed me about this game were the irritating mannerisms and reactions of certain characters. In fact, many of the characters were painfully annoying. Prolonged sneezing, contemplation of coffee, exclamatory shrieks and repetitive phrases really detracted from the game itself – it would be greatly improved if a lot of these quirks were removed. There are more games in this series, but despite it being a good, long game with some nice ideas, I’m not sure that I can stand any more of the craziness!

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