Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Blog Review

February can be a strange month, with wintry weather still a big feature, but hopefully the odd glimpse of spring in between. It’s not just the weather that’s been a mixed bag; my blog posts have been very varied too.

Talk of food got off to a tasty start with thoughts of pancakes and suggested toppings. Did you make any? If so, I hope you enjoyed them, perhaps trying some of my suggestions. And did you, like me, vow not to leave it another whole year before making more? Time will tell if we do …

The food theme continued with a plea to use free range eggs and mentions of Tetley Tea Folk cherry scones and Asda Extra Special Extra Juicy Lemonade.

Amongst all the frivolity, I have once again covered some very serious issues on my blog, probably the most disturbing being the diagnosis of dementia (or lack of it). I was really shocked to hear that some GPs have been refusing to test for the condition, which means that sufferers may not be able to access certain services they require. I have just been through the whole dementia diagnosis scenario with a close relative and would encourage others to fight for a correct diagnosis, as it has opened up new avenues of support for us.

Longing for Spring
I also related the horrors of public transport (have been having lots of problems with local buses recently), direct debit payments and the underhand (in my opinion) way that some charities are touting for supporters.

I’m now looking forward to what I hope will be Spring just around the corner, so tomorrow you can read some of the things I’m suggesting to do in March.

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