Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kate Ellis – The Wesley Peterson Series

I love reading, with crime and mystery stories high on my list of favourites, and always have a book or two on the go. Over the coming months I’ll occasionally be sharing some of my favourite authors and books with you.

This week I’m looking at the Wesley Peterson series of books written by Kate Ellis.

I love this series of books featuring Devon-based detective, Wesley Peterson, giving an insight into his home life as well as his crime solving.  One of the elements I particularly enjoy is the way that modern day occurrences are tied to historical events, with many current crimes bearing a link to the past. This gives a lot of depth to the stories, making them both intriguing and enjoyable.

I can really get lost in these books, with their credible plots and believable characters. They’re the kind of stories that once I start reading them; I don’t want to put them down until the end. From the descriptive writing, I have formed a strong picture in my mind of what Wesley, the area where he lives and many of the characters are like.

These are great stories, very well told and I recommend the Wesley Peterson series to lovers of crime fiction everywhere.

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