Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February’s Random Thoughts

I’m always bewildered by cafés that offer on their menu a ‘large’ tea for a higher price than one in a smaller cup, when all they do is add a bit of extra hot water. What all places should really offer however, is a pot of tea, much nicer.

Why do I always start reading a magazine from the back and work forwards? I wouldn’t do it with a book, so why with a magazine?

Virgin Media have sent me so much (junk) literature in the past year, I could have wallpapered my whole house with it. I AM NOT a Virgin Media customer; I HAVE NEVER BEEN a Virgin Media Customer and DO NOT INTEND TO BE a Virgin Media customer. Thank you for asking, but can you just leave me in peace now?

Do you remember when we used to get a second postal delivery each day, and even that usually came before midday. Now we only get one delivery a day, and in my case I’m lucky if that arrives much before 3pm! So much for progress.

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