Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Please Buy Free Range

I am quite disturbed that supermarkets are stocking an increased number of eggs collected from caged hens. I think this practice is totally unnecessary and as consumers we need to act responsibly and insist on free range.

There will now be those of you who are arguing that it costs more to buy free range, but this needn’t necessarily be the case. Iceland sell free range eggs for £1 for half a dozen: Sainsburys stock Ella Valentine Baking Eggs, which are a good size for £1.50 for half dozen; Tesco are selling 18 Farm Pride free range eggs for just £3.09! You can also often find reasonably priced local, free range eggs in greengrocers, butchers and farm shops.

Maybe it is just lack of thought that makes customers reach for the eggs from caged hens, as opposed to a cost issue. If this applies to you, do please stop and think about the life thousands of caged hens are experiencing due to the careless shopping habits of so many.

If you’re still jumping up and down, ranting about it being a matter of choice, remember: a choice is a privilege which should be used wisely – the hens don’t get one!

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  1. A good reminder! I always buy Free Range : )) Love your blog.