Monday, 25 February 2013

Rising Prices

When I write my blog posts I often try to include product prices, but with the current rate of price increases, these sometimes change in the time it takes for me to write and post the details.

On several occasions recently, I have bought a product, noted the price and blogged it, only to find a totally different (higher) price tag on display on my next shopping trip.

Over recent months some individual products have had their prices increased by 40-50p – or even more! I used to buy Tesco Drinking Chocolate 500g for £1.89, but it now costs £2.48 (at the time of writing, of course). I now buy Cadburys, which I can often find on offer for £2 for 500g.

The trend for sharp price rises spans a huge number of products across many shops and supermarkets. The increases are blamed on rising fuel costs (tell me about it!), large overheads (nice, loose term) and rising costs throughout the supply chain (whilst actually paying some producers mere peanuts). This reasoning can sometimes be hard to follow, especially when some companies go on to announce huge profits.

OK. The good thing about supermarkets thriving is that is means sustained employment, but as with many large organisations, running costs can be reduced by dispensing with superfluous ‘management’ tiers, whilst keeping ‘hands on’ staff employed, without the sharp price increases.

So whilst I endeavour to quote relevant prices in my blog, there are times when keeping up with the rises becomes a losing battle.

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