Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cleaning Up – Wiping It All Away

It’s possible to buy wipes for just about any household cleaning job imaginable these days. They’re quick and easy to use in between cleaning with some of the more deep cleansing products available, as well as being hygienic because you dispose of them, rather than hang on to germ-ridden cloths.

Here are some of the cleaning wipes that I recommend.

Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Total Cleaning Surface Wipes (apple variety), £1.15. I love the fresh, apple fragrance as well as their ease of use and the antibacterial properties are a real plus. Great for kitchen surfaces, cupboard fronts, paintwork, tiles etc, these wipes are really handy to keep in your kitchen. Tip: store them in an airtight container, rather than relying on the resealable packaging to stop them drying out.

Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Floor Wipes (apple variety), £1.15. That gorgeous apple smell again, this time on large, strong wipes that you can attach to a floor mop or use by hand. Great for keeping up with spills and dirty footprints on hard flooring.

For a quick clean ditch the bucket for wipes
Windowlene Wipes for Glass & Shiny Surfaces, around £2, but you can often find them on offer. I’ve tried other brands (including supermarket own) of window and glass wipes, but find that other makes just don’t perform as well. Containing vinegar for a streak-free finish, these are great for dealing with the constant splashes you find on the kitchen window above your sink. Handy for mirrors and other glass surfaces too.

Parazone Wipes Plus, around £1.50. There are times when your toilet seat just needs a bit of an extra clean and these wipes are really useful to keep to hand. Flushable wipes containing disinfectant, these are a hygienic way to keep your toilet clean and fresh.

1001 Carpet and Upholstery Wipes, around £2. These handy, biodegradable wipes can be used on wet and dry stains on carpets and upholstery, leaving carpets and fabrics fresh, whilst removing the offending marks. These are great for tackling isolated stains and spillages, without having to resort to carpet shampoo for small areas – a quick and easy solution for dirty marks.

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