Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DS Games – Vampire Moon, The Mystery Of The Hidden Sun

Vampire stories have become increasingly popular over recent years, with this Transylvania-based DS game following the trend.

News reporter, Emily Davis, sets out to solve a mystery, but as with many games of this type, I tend to skim the story and get down to the business of actual game play.

Once again, the game consists of hidden object levels, putting a few of the objects to minimal use along the way. The hidden object scenes are quite average, although you do need to find some notes and jewels in addition to the listed objects.

There are a few minigames, but these are quite basic and easy to complete. I found the labyrinth games the easiest I’ve solved and there is a game that just involves rubbing your stylus over the screen, to reveal symbols – like the old ‘magic drawing’ books I had as a child.

Although I would only rate this as an ‘average’ game, there is still some enjoyment to be had from it.

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