Friday, 15 March 2013

DS Games – Murder In Venice

The latest of my DS game reviews looks at Murder In Venice, yet another hidden object game (well so many are), which features some novel minigames.

The story switches between 1967 and 2010 and follows a tale of murder, intrigue and a KGB plot of the Cold War era.

Progress through the game by solving hidden object levels, interspersed with a selection of minigames, my favourite of which is ‘gear code’, matching combinations of coloured balls (not unlike Jewel Quest/Jewel Link boards).

In addition to the lists of hidden objects (some of which you use) in each level, you need to find a chess piece in order to collect a full set. You can also earn a number of awards on the way for completing certain tasks to certain standards.

Once you have played in story mode, then you can play the full range of ‘Hidden World’ (hidden object scenes) and ‘Minigames’, which include extra levels not available in the main game.

I enjoyed playing this games, despite it being similar to many others that I’ve played. The picture quality was good and there was a reasonable assortment of activities.

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