Friday, 22 March 2013

March’s Random Thoughts

It’s amazing how many of us seem to talk to machines. Cashpoints, self-service tills, and car park pay stations – how often do you talk to (or hear others talk to) any of these? I’m very polite, I usually say ‘thank you’ to them.

Random thoughts - random picture
Have you noticed how many garments that you buy need buttons stitched back on or seams repaired after only a couple of wears? And I’m not just talking about budget brands either.

Why do some people find it necessary to use a jumbo-sized umbrella (large enough to house a small family) whilst walking along a crowded high street, virtually slaying fellow pedestrians in their wake? Smaller umbrellas are available, greatly reducing the risk to the general public.

“One hundred Humphries soft as silk,
Out on the search for your Unigate milk,
Get extra pintas or you’ll be without.
Watch out watch out, watch out, watch out,
There’s a Humphrey about!”
Sorry I have these momentary lapses of nostalgia, this one courtesy of Unigate milk. I feel better for that now.

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