Friday, 26 April 2013

Mascara – Spoilt For Choice!

I like to play around with make-up and over the years I’ve tried many brands and types of mascara – let’s face it, there are enough of them around.

You can buy lengthening mascara, super extending mascara, volumising mascara, curling effect mascara, lash defining mascara, false lash effect mascara, adjustable mascara …

Mascara can come with a classic wand, slim-line brush, extra large brush, comb applicator, curved brush, spiral brush …

The choices are endless, even before you start on the question of colour – black, nearly black, brown/black, navy, electric blue, violet …

So when I caught sight of yet another variety of mascara in the shops, I just had to give it a whirl.

Max Factor Eye Brightening (Tonal Black Volumising) Mascara stands out with its predominantly white packaging – a change from the more subdued black, dark blue or burgundy of many other brands. The idea is that you choose the mascara aimed at your eye colour, as opposed to just any colour that takes your fancy. This was no mean feat in my case, as my eyes are a sort of grey-blue with little hazel flecks for good measure. Can’t think why there didn’t seem to be this option available! So I chose the variety aimed at blue eyes, aka black sapphire.

The mascara has a thin, classic brush, and seems to glide on as it has a creamy consistency and doesn’t clump. The first coat didn’t really produce much effect, but a second coat made my lashes appear a little more defined. I really loved the fact that this mascara didn’t smudge, clump or look overdone.

But do my eyes appear brighter? I like to think that they have an added ‘shine’ to them, but this may be down to my dewy-eyed optimism.

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