Monday, 29 April 2013

Portion Sizes – How Large Will We Go?

Whilst out for a recent family meal, I couldn’t help remarking (once again) on the huge size of some of the platefuls of food that were being served.

It seems that many restaurants (especially pub/restaurants) serve massive portions of food that are far larger than appear in any ‘recommended intake’ guidelines for the average person.

When faced with such a plateful, many people just shrug and say, “It’s a shame to waste it”, before polishing off the whole lot, even if they find themselves rubbing their bellies in discomfort as a result.

Personally these over-large portion sizes have the effect of putting me off of my meal. I’m not a particularly large eater, so a plate that’s piled high just makes me groan. In some places I think I’d fare better with the children’s portions.

Those who do manage to clear their plates often only eat out on rare occasions, so supposedly the odd ‘blow-out’ won’t be a problem. However, if you eat out regularly, or serve portions of this quantity at home, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

Think we need a bit more than this though
All this got me thinking about the size of the meals that we serve at home, and in some ways more importantly, the size of our plates. I was sure that my current dinner plates were larger than the ones I used some years back, so hunted at the back of the cupboard for the remains of an old (bought over 25 years ago) dinner service. Sure enough the dinner plates, side plates and dessert bowls were all at least 1/3 smaller than the ones I now use.

The thing is we tend to fill whatever plate size we have at our disposal, so to keep our portion sizes under control, perhaps we should downsize our plates. Psychologically, if we’ve eaten a whole plateful of food, we tell ourselves we’ve had a big meal and are full.

So come one, get out those smaller plates. What have you got to lose? Those annoying extra pounds, that’s what!

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